Bathroom medicine cabinet becomes a jewelry showcase!

My friend Michelle owns a wholesale flower shop, Weber's Wholesale Market ( where she sells beautiful flowers and some jewelry to the trade. Recently she asked if I'd like to sell my jewelry at her shop and of course I jumped at the idea! But how was I going to showcase my product? I looked at all the usual, boring jewelry displays and decided to come up with something of my own. My husband and I trekked off to the ReBuilding Center with baby in tow. We happened upon an old medicine cabinet that used to have a mirror in it and was made from 80's style oak. It was $5. Perfect! We took it home and started dissecting it. Out came the mirror which has since been replaced with acrylic. The body has been painted my favorite colors, electric blue with metallic copper highlights. I repurposed an old belt-cut it apart and screwed it into the top for a handle and lined the bottom of the inside with foam liner from a craft store. Now I have a beautiful display case for my custom jewelry all for under $15!

Custom backsplash for under $20? Yes!!

One of the places we like to go to find materials for our home is The ReBuilding center ( located here in Portland. People donate new and used construction materials for a tax write off. In turn the ReBuilding does community outreach enhancing neighborhoods and the lives of the people who live in them. It takes some searching but you can find wonderful deals there. Our latest addition was enough custom Ann Saks tile valued at approximately $1,400. We paid under $20 for hand thrown, relief, mid-century style tile! Yeeeowza!! Take a look!

Canned Ham Do Over

I love vintage trailers of all sorts from Airstreams to Canned Hams. Their vintage styling is appealing but it is also fun to completely make them over. The above canned ham had an old, useless interior that my husband and I renovated into a new version with a nod to the old style. New laminate cabinets, walls and flooring made the interior clean and functional. The old upper cabinets were repainted to clean them up while leaving some of the nostalgia from the old camper.

New Addition

Well, it's been a while since I have been able to write on my blog! I have been busy designing a new person!!! On October 31st my husband and I welcomed our first child, Sierra Bahama into the world! What a joy!!! She is a lot of work but of course we think she is the cutest thing ever! Now that we have gotten to know her a little better I will be able to work on my jewelry and blog about the design projects I work on and love. Here's to a wonderful new year!!!