Who said flowers and bed frame don't go together?

A floating home allow much opportunity for gardening. While I love the fact that I never have to mow a lawn, I do miss my flowers. I had a wide open space at the back of my house to do some container gardening, but I wanted to get as many flowers in the small space as possible. Solution: go vertical. I could add flowers and vines to create quite a bit of color. I looked into all the commercial trellis's you see at the major gardening centers... they are expensive and they would eventually be covered up by vines and flowers. Also, they aren't in keeping with our home theme which is to reuse old materials wherever possible. So I started thinking about using other items that would let a vine climb up a wall. Why did I need to spend a couple of hundred dollars on something when I could run down to the ReBuilding Center and pick up something like a old fence or part of a bannister and use that? So off my husband and I went to see what we could find. We ended up with an old bed frame for $5.00! Perfect! We painted it the color of the deck, put an old wooden box at the bottom and filled it with flowers and vines. The result is what you see here. The vines have already started to climb and the frame is working perfectly. The box cost $12.00 at an estate sale. I love it and my neighbors don't have anything that looks the same. What do you think?