Exterior before and after of our floating home.

It's been a while since I have been able to post...I have a toddler. Enough said. Between that, my design business and my Etsy store I am busy! Oh, and let's not forget the renovation of my floating home. How could I forget that? We are finally done with the exterior sans plants and decor (the fun part right?).

If you haven't noticed from previous posts, my home used to be a "boat garage". It's confusing to me that Portlanders think they need to pull their boat in from the rain. Boats are made for water...and it rains in Portland all the time, so you can't really avoid it. But there are tons of these "boat garages" on the water. Ours was clad in aluminum sheathing from the 1940's. Plus it had barn doors on the back which had to be removed. HUGE barn doors. Once that was complete we were able to frame in the barn door area and lay wood sheathing, wrap it in Tyvek and apply the exterior siding and battens. We added some grey paint, a couple of decks and viola! We have what you see now.

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