A tiny, tiny house.

I love architecture. Old, new, strange, fun, sleek or rustic you name it, I love it. So when the opportunity came up to build a tiny house on our deck I thought "why not?". Before I knew it my husband and I were finalizing plans for a 12' x12' all inclusive home we nick-named the "shed".  This tiny home will have a kitchen, shower, toilet, closet for clothes, living room and upstairs bed/loft. And, once again, we are using mostly recycled materials we have sourced at the ReBuilding Center, the ReStore and Craigslist. Building this tiny, tiny house (as my daughter calls it) is quick and easy compared to the the whole house remodel we did on the floating home. We are going from zero to completed home with three to four months. More photos to follow as we get closer to the finish line.

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  1. Hello kind of neighbor (3 by car at least from Everett, WA to Portland!) I am also a huge lover of all kinds of architecture! My husband is English and we went to see his family last May (which was my first time in England!) and I drooled over all the brick and stone houses (practically no wood houses at all) which brick and stone is my all time favorite! I do however love stick built as well.

    I love this tiny, tiny house and will look forward to more pictures! I am curious how the idea of building the tiny, tiny house even came up? :)